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Lasithi Plateau

Explore with a guided group, the monastery of Kera Kardiotissa and the Dictaean Cave followed by a visit to Psychro village meeting with a pottery in action. Enjoy the panoramic views of Lasithi Plateau from Seli Ambelou and complete your tour to the picturesque village of Krasi, admiring the ancient plane tree.

The excursion

The excursion begins with collecting the group of all explorers from their pick up points in the morning. The bus tour will then be heading towards to Kera Kardiotissa Monastery.

Kera Kardiotissa Monastery, is an Orthodox nunnery dedicated to Virgin Mary, situated near the village of Kera at an altitude of 650m. It is famous for the icon of Mary believed to be miraculous. It is surrounded by fortified walls and the church features murals dating back to 14th – 15th century.

The exploration continues with the bus heading to the Village of Psychro, where walking will be required to reach the Diktaean Cave. This part of the trip is completed by a visit to a ceramic workshop.

The Diktaean Cave is just above the village of Psychro at 1025 meters altitude. According to Greek mythology, it is believed to be the place where Zeus, the father of Greek gods, was kept and fed from Amalthia, a goat, in secret to be protected from his father. The cave for centuries was considered a sacred place of cult worship, where offerings were made and few were allowed to enter. The most impressive sight is the lake at the lowest point, surrounded by massive stalactites and stalagmites.

In the village of Psychro, a local potter is showing all steps of his ceramic art, still alive through centuries at his ceramic workshop. This is a great chance for the brave ones to give it a try.

The trip continues with the group heading to Lassithi plateau through the villages, followed by a stop at Seli Ambelou for a lunch break.

Driving around the Lassithi Plateau that lies in an area of 130 km², we are going to reach Seli Ambelou at the northern entrance of the plateau. The place is overlooking a panoramic view of the plateau. In the 1950s and 1960s the plateau was one of Europe’s first wind farms. There were about 16 thousand windmills pumping the groundwater, which the inhabitants used to feed their crops.

The tour will then be heading to the village of Krasi.

Krasi, is a small traditional village located 9 km to the south of the village of Malia set on the slope of Selena mountain. In the center of the village, there is a huge ancient plane tree (“Platanus”). The leaves and the branches of the tree provide with shade all over the square in a unique and unspoiled environment. The water springs and the fountains of the village are one of the most beautiful on the island of Crete.

  • Casual dress.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Light jacket or cardigan Lassithi is always cooler than any other resort in Crete.
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